13 On A Friday #4

Recent finds and new releases by old faves.
Enjoy, spread the word, support indie xx

The Palace Wolves Radio - Lights That Fade
Sunshine Frisbee Laserbeam - AUTO
Juice Band - Sugar
C U R B - So High
Sklenik - Gong
KIN - Charge Your Heart
Escape TO New York - Growing Pains (EP Version)
Netil - Is There something In Your Eye?
Love Park - Jester
Gleemer - Ghost Dancer
Relics - Tired Eyes (Tell Me Why)
Childsaint - Dessert
Plastic House - Invader

13 On A Friday #2

Reposting this - Indie Dune’s “13 on a Friday” put together when I had more time to put things together which did not involve bricks, concrete and glass… (one band has since removed their track form SoundCloud so its 12 on that Friday now…)

Young Unknowns
Dark Bells
The Praga
[The] Caseworker
Spider Heart
The Snow Twins
Nervous Twitch
Dodge The Fox